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Your Recipe For Success

Put your best food forward by joining the Good Food. Real Fast.™ movement!

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Lead the Change and Become a Social Entrepreneur

  • We help time-starved families share good food experiences.

  • Our clean eating solutions will inspire you and your Customers.

  • Enjoy a meaningful career that makes a difference.

Build a Business That’s Unique to You

  • Build a flexible career plan that facilitates your wants, needs, priorities, and dreams.

  • Decide how much you want to work and earn.

  • Receive your own e-commerce website for your Customers to shop online.

Work in a Healthy and Growing Market

  • Epicure offers exceptional consumable food products and time-saving cookware.

  • 9 in 10 Canadians say they want to eat more healthfully.

  • Everyone is a potential Customer!

We invite you to join Epicure and rally around clean eating, healthy living, and changing the health of the next generation. Get started today!

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Receive World-Class Training

  • Epicure University has world-class training specific to each phase of the Compensation Plan.

  • You get the right training at the right time as your grow your business.

Join an Inspiring and Supportive Community

  • Your Leader and Team support you by sharing their experience, tips, and ideas.

  • Home Office is ready with phone and live chat support.

  • You get a start-up business in two boxes!

Get an Easy Start with the Fast Start Program

  • Build an instant business—open your Business Kit and GO!

  • Follow the simple plan and earn rewards.

  • Wow your first Hosts with a $40 VIP Host Gift within your first 30 days.

  • Begin building your best life and inspire others to live theirs.

Join today!

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