Dana Kayal

I love so many things about Epicure!  The fabulous food, the friends I've met and the financial and schedule freedom.  I've built my dream house, I travel to exotic locations and I set my work hours.  I control my income by the quality of my work and the time I put in.  I also get to be an involved parent and take head out a couple evenings a week to hang out with adults and talk about food!

Many moons ago I joined Epicure to get my Red Pepper Jelly at a discount, I was NEVER going to do a party.  Someone booked and I discovered I loved it.  Adults sitting around with a glass of wine enjoying food... I get to make money.  What's not to love!?

I'm a single parent of 3 busy active kids and I love that I can make an executive income while being here when they walk in the door after school.  My work hours are flexible (not optional!) and fit around my family schedule.

The kids are also pretty happy when they get to go on trips I've earned like Mexico and Hawaii!